Listing is for set of 3 bracelets.


Bracelet 1

Abalone - 3 shell beads

Abalone - Communication, peace, beauty, and self love. Holding Water energy, Shells promote calmness and encourage balance and rhythm in life. They aid in spiritual growth, adaptability, intuition, and group consciousness. They are often worn for protection.


Russian Amazonite - Blue 8mm round

stimulates the Throat and HeartChakras and encourages speaking one's truth from the heart, while calming fears of conflict and confrontation. It is a wonderful stone for someone who feels unclear about who they are or what they want. Amazonite aids in walking your talk.


Czech Glass - 8mm, faceted blue/green

The first Glass Beads were first created about 3,500 years ago in Egypt and Mesopotamia. Czech glass began to flourish after Napoleon defeated Venice in 1797.


Bracelet 2

Hematite - 8mm metalic gray

An excellent protection stone, work with Hematite to absorb toxic emotions. It balances and aligns all the Chakras, pulling negative energy to the Root Chakra where it is neutralized.  Hematite was once used as a talisman by warriors in Northern England as it was believed to preserve blood and life essence. Hematite is an excellent manifestation tool and can help transform dreams to reality. It also aids in enhancing confidence and strength.


Pearls - pinkish peach

For centuries, many cultures have used Pearls to treat a wide variety of ailments. Metaphysically, the Pearl is a Water element and, like the tide, is connected to the Moon by lunar cycles. Pearls activate and strengthen the body's natural rhythms and hormonal cycles. Pearls quiet the mind and help one to connect to their Higher Self. 


Czech Glass - 10mm Blue Saturn beads

(see Bracelet 1 description)


Bracelet 3

Turquoise - 8mm blue

Turquoise has been used in jewelry for thousands of years. One of the oldest known examples is a bracelet belonging to the Egyptian queen Zer who ruled around 5500 BCE. Many Native American tribes also valued this stone believing it to be a bridge between Earth and Sky, grounding while remaining open to Spirit. Turquoise promotes empathy, yet stabilizes mood swings, making it good for use with panic attacks or depression. It stimulates the Third Eye for use in mediation and activates the Throat Chakra, aiding in communication. Turquoise is a stone of self-forgiveness, self-acceptance and release from beliefs that no longer serve.


Bracelet Style: Yoga, Meditation, Boho, Mala


**Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions.

Turquoise + Amazonite + Pearl +Hematite | Stacking Stretch Yoga Boho Bracelets

SKU: B150
  • For Best Results

    • Roll the bracelet on and off the hand. Don't pull on the elastic.
    • Don't wear when bathing or swimming. Some stones do not do well in water.




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