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Malas in the ONE HEART series work with stones that balance, protect and heal the Heart Chakra while opening one to Divine Love and the interconnected flow of all Life. These pieces are wonderful for those who are ready to work on their emotional healing, for empaths who are overwhelmed by the current state of global emotions, or for those who are ready to connect with their higher selves and the Universe. 

Use this 108 bead, Zen style, mala (japamala) in prayer or mantra meditation work or simply wear it to enjoy the metaphysical properties of the gemstones. The Guru pendant is a large, 17g Rhodonite set in 925 Sterling Silver. Gemstone beads are Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, and Pink Opal. The markers are Smoky Quartz placed at the 7th and 21st stations to gently remind you where you are in your meditation.


Guru Pendant

Rhodonite is a stone of compassion - an emotional balancer that clears away old wounds and scars. It stimulates the heart chakra and encourages self-love and forgiveness.


108 8mm Beads

Quartz is one of the most plentiful minerals in the world and makes up about 12% of the Earth's crust. Quartz crystals have the property of piezoelectricity, which means that they can transform mechanical energy into electromagnetic energy, and are used in many products we use today like watches and radios. All of the Quartz family crystals are excellent for uses involving energy amplification, programming, and memory. A programmed crystal stores information to be retrieved and amplified later, making them excellent for manifestation work.


Rose Quartz, the Heart Stone, circulates the energy of Divine Love throughout one's Aura promoting compassion, tranquility, comfort, and healing. It is an excellent stone for attracting new love or rekindling intimacy in current partnerships. It has been prized for over 2000 years for use in sculpture, beauty aids, and love talismans. Rose Quartz is all about love and opening the Heart Chakra. Whether trying to embrace self-care and self-love or approaching life and situations with more compassion and empathy or protecting the heart of an empath, Rose Quartz is an excellent companion.


Rhodonite is a stone of compassion - an emotional balancer that clears away old wounds and scars. It stimulates the heart chakra and encourages self-love and forgiveness.


Pink Opal is a calming stone, used to soothe the heart while working with emotional healing. Allow Pink Opal to infuse peace and begin release of old trauma and stress, resolving past remembrances with compassion for oneself and others.



Smoky Quartz is a powerful stone for grounding and balancing. It stimulates the Crown Chakra and is excellent to use in connecting with your higher self. As it amplifies the truth, it works as a detoxifier helping us to recognize and break free of negative emotions while clarifying the path forward.


4-5mm Beads

Strawberry Quartz gets its name from the red inclusions of iron oxide which make its beautiful coloring. Strawberry Quartz opens the Heart Chakra, amplifying and transmitting feelings of love and joy. It is also excellent for work with self-care and self-compassion.



Like the moon itself, ancient Moonstone holds the power of mystery, revealing its secrets only through reflected light. Known as the Traveler's Stone, it's been used in jewelry for thousands of years worn as a protection amulet. Many cultures also believed it good for fertility and reconciling lovers, as it opens the heart to receive and accept love.


**Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions.

Rhodonite | 108 Bead Mala | Rose Quartz Pink Opal

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