The Earth Channeler is a 108 bead mala (japamala) created for use in Personal Transformation work, specifically centered around Authentic Self, and is hand knotted on a light jade colored, nylon cord for extra durability. The Guru pendant is Imperial Jasper in a 925 Sterling Silver setting. Gemstone beads are Picture Jasper, Jade, Garnet. The top marker is Prehnite and Garnet, and Tibetan skull bead side markers are placed at the 27th stations to gently remind you where you are in your meditation.


Imperial Jasper  is an excellent stone for work with embracing one's Authentic Self and seeing through illusions. Used in work with Spiritual Growth, it also promotes tranquility and aids in organization and clear thinking.


Picture Jasper is a gorgeous Brown Jasper named for the landscape patterns it reveals. As its appearance would suggest, it connects us deeply to the mysteries of the earth and the vast records stored here in mineral data. Use it in journeying to glean knowledge of ancient civilizations and sacred sites. Picture Jasper stimulates both the Root and Third Eye Chakras heightening creativity and initiative, nurturing both physical and spiritual energy, and raising blocked emotions to the surface for processing.


Jade is a stone for health and abundance. A calming stone, it represents wisdom and balance. Green Jade activates the Heart Chakra and stimulates the flow of energy through the body. As an Earth element stone it promotes the flow of abundance of money, fertility, health, and joy.


Evidence of human use of Garnets has been found as far back as the Bronze Age. It comes in several colors, but most commonly red. Garnet can activate and amplify other crystals, and clear negative chakra energy. It stimulates expanded awareness, including past-life recall. Red Garnet can help control self-destructive behaviors, aiding in releasing outdated beliefs and ingrained patterns. Red, represents love and attunes to the Heart energy, revitalizing feelings and enhancing sexuality.


Prehnite connects the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras, linking the heart with the will and promoting desires inline with the Highest Good. It encourages being present in the Now and avoidance of unhealthy use of the imagination. As an aid in spiritual disciplines, Prehnite helps settle the mind and focus the heart on spiritual surrender.


In meditation, the skull bead is used as a reminder to reflect on impermanence. By accepting death and the passing of things, we can truly embrace living and being in the present moment. These beads are hand carved from Tibetan yak bone.

**Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions.

Picture & Imperial Jasper | 108 Bead Mala | Jade, Garnet, Tibetan Skull Beads

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