Gemstone Vibe

Beautiful layers of depth in this translucent stone. It's almost like looking at a suspended moment in time.


Agates have been used by people for thousands of years dating back to the Neolithic man. Agate, having a slower vibrational frequency has a stabilizing and strengthening effect on the energy and influence of other stones it's combined with. When using a particular type of agate, this property builds a strong connection with the wearer.


Montana Agate, also referred to as Yellowstone Agate, is a beautiful Chalcedony found in the Yellowstone River Basin of southeastern Montana.


A grounding stone, it brings physical, emotional, and intellectual balance. Strengthen your inner stability and self-control, when wearing this stone. It attracts abundance and success.


Montana Agate works well when used together with other stones to bring their own energies into harmonious alliance.


**Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions.

Montana Agate - Yellowstone River 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

SKU: P102
  • Main Stones

    Montana Agate from

    the Yellowstone River

    Base Metal 925 Silver
    Length 1 5/8 inch
    Weight 6.4 grams*


    This pendant comes with a 2mm, 18 inch, 925 plated silver chain.

    *For weight reference, a US penny (minted after 1981) weighs 2.5 grams.