This bracelet set fits a larger wrist, and would be a suitable size for an average sized man or larger woman. Resizing is available upon request.

An excellent bracelet set for grounding and balancing the lower chakras.


Bracelet 1

Etched Tibetan Agate - 8mm

Etched Tibetan Agate - is an Earth Energy stone, that grounds the wearer while stimulating the crown Chakra and encouraging the receiving of Divine Knowledge. It is an excellent stone for protection and used by Shamans to travel between worlds. Agate aids in the healing of physical and emotional wounds and is used when summoning feats requiring great strength - physical, mental or emotional.


Bracelet 2

Buddha beads - 14x18mm - Jade

Brown Jade grounds the mind and strengthens your connection with the earth, creating balance, comfort and a sense of stability.


Chocolate Labradorite -10mm center stone

Labradorite was said by the Inuit peoples to have fallen from the frozen fires of the Aurora Borealis. Certainly its shimmering, iridescent, mystical light makes it easy to see why it’s called a Stone of Magic.


Labradorite allows one’s own innate magical powers to surface, enhancing clairvoyance and telepathy and assisting in communication with higher guides. It energizes creativity and aids in bringing joy and spontaneity back to living. While protecting the aura from energy leakage or from outside penetration, it encourages introspection, clarity of thought, and promotes self-reliance and trust in the universe.


Picture Jasper - 10mm - unpolished

Picture Jasper is a gorgeous Brown Jasper named for the landscape patterns it reveals. As its appearance would suggest, it connects us deeply to the mysteries of the earth and the vast records stored here in mineral data. Use it in journeying to glean knowledge of ancient civilizations and sacred sites.


Picture Jasper stimulates both the Root and Third Eye Chakras heightening creativity and initiative, nurturing both physical and spiritual energy, and raising blocked emotions to the surface for processing.


Etched Tibetan Agate - 8mm

(see bracelet 1 description)



**Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions.

Jade Buddha, Jasper, Tibetan Agate | Stacking Stretch Yoga Mens Bracelet Set

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