This bracelet fits a wrist 6.5 - 7 inches. Resizing is available upon request.

Listing is for one bracelet.


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Pearl -gray

For centuries, many cultures have used Pearls to treat a wide variety of ailments. Metaphysically, the Pearl is a Water element and, like the tide, is connected to the Moon by lunar cycles. Pearls activate and strengthen the body's natural rhythms and hormonal cycles. Pearls quiet the mind and help one to connect to their Higher Self. Pearls also have properties associated with their colors - White for Health, Pink for Joy, Black for Good Fortune, Gold for Prosperity, Lavender for Love, and Cream for Success.


Turquoise - blue cubes

Turquoise promotes empathy, yet stabilizes mood swings, making it good for use with panic attacks or depression. It stimulates the Third Eye for use in mediation and activates the Throat Chakra, aiding in communication. Turquoise is a stone of self-forgiveness, self-acceptance and release from beliefs that no longer serve. 


Eagle Eye - gray & black

Eagle Eye is a powerful Seeker Transformer Crystal. This type of crystal is used to help us connect with our higher purpose. Use Eagle Eye to build stronger relationships through commitment and devotion. It is wonderful talisman for achieving your dreams and satisfaction in life.


Blue Tiger's Eye - 10mm Dark Blue

Blue Tiger Eye (Hawk's Eye) opens and aligns the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras providing insight to internal conflict and emotional stressors while stimulating psychic abilities.  It aids in balancing Yin/Yang energies (Female/Male), and is helpful in stress reduction and alleviating anxiety. As a  stone of mental clarity, Tiger Eye opens the mind to embrace paradox by moving it out of the world of right and wrong, and aiding it in holding contradictory ideas in nonjudgmental acceptance. It is an excellent stone for mediation.



**Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions.

Buddha + Turquoise | Beaded Gemstone | Stacking Stretch Yoga Bracelet

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  • For Best Results

    • Roll the bracelet on and off the hand. Don't pull on the elastic.
    • Don't wear when bathing or swimming. Some stones do not do well in water.