Listing is for set of 2 bracelets.

This beautiful Abalone bead is in an off center design with Kunzite, Strawberry Quartz and Amethsyt. Paired with a 2nd bracelet of 8mm Amethyst beads.


Bracelet 1

Amethyst - 8mm purple round

Amethyst has been prized since Neolithic times (25,000 B.C.) for its beauty and legendary energies. Its beautiful purple color and high, sweet energy make it one of the first gemstones people are attracted to when developing an interest in minerals.  Use Amethyst for spiritual protection and purification. It is useful in clearing negativity from energy fields and creating energetic shields around the body. A Wind element stone, Amethyst stimulates the mind and Crown Chakra, aiding in meditation. It opens intuition and enhances spiritual connection.


Bracelet 2

Amethyst - 8mm purple round

(see Bracelet 1 description)


Kunzite - pale lavender pink, 8mm round

Kunzite aligns the HeartChakra with the Throat and Third Eye creating a mind/heart connection and aiding in loving thoughts and decision making. It creates a channel to Divine Love and teaches us the value of joy and celebration. Use Kunzite to clear old emotional debris and help gently release self-created blockages around the HeartChakra.


Strawberry Quartz - 4mm faceted

gets its name from the red inclusions of iron oxide which make its beautiful coloring. Strawberry Quartz opens the HeartChakra, amplifying and transmitting feelings of love and joy. It is also excellent for work with self-care and self-compassion.


Abalone - shell

Holding Water energy, Shells promote calmness and encourage balance and rhythm in life. They aid in spiritual growth, adaptability, intuition, and group consciousness. They are often worn for protection.


Bracelet Style: Yoga, Meditation, Boho, Mala


**Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions.

Abalone + Kunzite + Amethyst | Stacking Stretch Beaded Yoga Boho Bracelet

SKU: B147
  • For Best Results

    • Roll the bracelet on and off the hand. Don't pull on the elastic.
    • Don't wear when bathing or swimming. Some stones do not do well in water.




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