Do You Have a Morning Routine?

Morning Routing, Setting Intention, Living with Purposee

What is a morning routine anyway? It is not - get up, drink coffee, check emails, get lost in social media, shower, and leave for work. For me, a morning routine is the difference between living or living with purpose. It's the difference between just going through the motions or living the dream. Do I want to engage in the daily grind or do I want to set my intentions for living? It's about setting your course and taking time to connect with yourself and the Universe (God, Creator, Spirit). It does not need to be lengthy or complicated.

I have a family and I own a business. In truth, at the start of most normal days, I wake up, start coffee, take the dog out, and check my text and email - to make sure that my kids don't need me and no catastrophe has occurred during my sleep. I take care of all the things that might disturb my routine time. And then, the important part happens.

So what does my morning routine look like?

  • I go to my special space and set the tone with some quiet music and a candle.

  • I love to work with an inspirational card deck. I pull a couple cards for grounding and centering myself, asking "What do I need to focus on today?"

  • I open my journal and spend a few minutes writing thoughts about those cards or anything else that comes to mind. Sometimes it's 3 or 4 lines, sometimes 2-3 pages.

  • After this I feel at peace. I think about the many things that I am grateful for which reconnects the circular flow of Gratitude and Grace. Feelings of Gratitude activate Grace. Grace brings more to be grateful for and activates the flow of abundance.

  • I spend a few minutes visualizing what I'd like to happen in my life as if it has already happened and focusing on feeling the joy these accomplishments bring. Feelings of joy attract what you desire into your life.

  • I review my plan for the day and add anything I've thought of to my list.

My entire process usually takes between 15 - 20 minutes. Your routine doesn't have to take a long time, but I would suggest that it involve feelings of gratitude and appreciation and time to visualize the completion of your intentions.

Developing and implementing a morning routine has been one of the most important steps that I've ever taken for my self-care. It has been life changing and an integral part of my spiritual, personal, and professional growth. ~